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Tailored Interventions

Tailored Interventions
0 15 diciembre, 2014

The interventions used in the 10 patients involved in the UCLA pilot project were tailored to each individual, but they shared similar elements. Typically, patients were asked to eliminate all simple carbohydrates from their diet.

They were also asked to increase consumption of fruit, vegetables, and nonfarmed fish and to follow a strict meal pattern with specifically timed interludes of fasting.

Exercise was a key component of all interventions, and participants were counseled on ways to reduce stress through practices such as yoga and meditation.

Participants also took a large variety of daily supplements, including vitamin D3, fish oil, coenzyme Q10, melatonin, and methylcobalamin.

And where appropriate, practitioners counseled their female patients to resume previously discontinued hormone replacement therapy.

“The program is not easy to follow,” Dr Bredesen acknowledged. (None of the patients in this pilot project were able to fully follow the program).

“But what this program says is that we are all contributing to our own AD by the diet we chose to eat; by the way we sleep; by the stress we have in our lives; by our microbiome; and of course by our genetics.

“The important thing here is, we can alter cognitive decline by affecting each of these parameters.”

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